People Walking in Airport Terminal

Cathay Pacific Staff Tells Me “Your Chair is Coming.”

I am a paraplegic traveler. Upon my arrival at LAX, I was placed on an aisle chair and promised that my wheelchair was at the gate. As I sat there waiting, they kept telling me it was coming. Thirty minutes later, I asked to transfer to the attendant’s bucket seat as I was worried about the state of my skin. I had another 5 hour trip to Miami after that. Upon my arrival, I quickly checked the skin on my buttocks and found that my worries were warranted as I had found stage 3 pressure ulcers at where the contact point of the aisle chair had touched my buttocks. This is a very serious issue. I hope that the airline would treat others with disabilities with better care in the future. I have submitted a complaint to the airlines.

Mr. Redzuan Razak, FL