Plane Setting At Gate

Chairs Aloft

Prior to advancing to a power chair, I often flew with my titanium wheelchair with nary a complaint. Boarding staff were incredibly sensitive to my needs respecting my wishes and concern for my safety and comfort. Thank You, Alaska Airlines! Flights exceeding an hour required the use of a Foley because access to the lavatory was not possible from any location in the aircraft due to a plethora of mobility and liability issues. My chair and seat cushion miraculously traveled together on every flight.

Now, I am a power chair user and no longer fly. Power chairs are very heavy, cumbersome, and if damaged, necessary repairs may not be readily available, with the possibility I might be stranded far from home in unfamiliar territory. I will not invite that risk into my life. I have no idea how to travel with a power chair except in the convenience of my van. Thank You.

Capt. and Mrs. Larry J Ricklefs, OR