View from Airport Terminal

Is This Your Chair, Mr. Skaggs?

Southwest Airlines Attendant (With a smile): Is this your chair, Mr. Skaggs? Our people can’t seem to make it run so we brought it to you with a two wheeled dolly.

Me ( With no smile): No, my chair didn’t have it’s parts stacked in the seat or the fixed back rest laying forward at such an odd angle. And I know the joy stick and control head were not hanging off the back by the cables.

This has happened to me twice. The second time it happened the attendant wouldn’t bring it to me. She made the baggage handler bring it to me and come talk to me. The airlines fixed my chair both times, but as you can imagine it left me without my primary chair while they put in requests for the funds. They told me I had to get at least two estimates on the repairs and submit them for approval by the corporate office. I told them I didn’t even know two people in town that did wheelchair repairs. It took over two months for the repairs to finally be completed, both times. I know S&S Medical worked as fast as they could to get the parts but they don’t come very fast. The next time this happens I won’t be that nice. I will find the best lawyer I can find in Oklahoma. I am sure any lawyer would love to have some exposure over a a case involving a senior aged disabled American veteran whose wheelchair was destroyed by the airlines.

Mr. David Skaggs, OK