Accessible Parking Space at Airport

My Thanksgiving Travel

As you may know, the day before Thanksgiving is the most heavily traveled day of the year. Despite my knowledge of this, circumstances called for me to travel that day. I had a family member take me to the airport. I decided to take my scooter for the first time instead of having the airport transport take me to the gate. I am so glad I did. I was traveling Southwest. I got checked in & boarded very easily & checked my scooter at the gate. Upon deplaning, my scooter was brought back to the gate & I proceeded on my way. I had to seek someone out to assist with my bags but if you are fairly independent, I encourage you to continue to travel. The only unfortunate thing that occurred is my cousin got a ticket upon returning to the car after assisting me in with my bags even though he was parked in a handicapped space for unloading.

Ms. Sharon Guess, PA