Close-up Photo of Damaged WheelchairKathy's Damaged Wheelchair

Totalled Wheelchairs

I am the Executive Director at the Statewide Independent Living Council in Nebraska, I am diagnosed as a quad from a Brain Injury. I travel for work one-two times a year by plane. I use a complex Rehab Chair. I have had two wheelchairs totalled because of the chair being dropped to the ground from the plane. I have also had them take my chair apart then lose the pins that hold my chair together but put my chair together without the pieces but not tell me. As a result, I’m traveling down the jetway to my connecting flight, stopped when I got to the plane and was thrown to floor because my chair was not balanced. I have had various pieces of chairs broken like arm rests and joy sticks and had them held together with Duct tape until I get home. The only airline I will use anymore is Southwest Airlines.

Kathy Hoell, NE