Plane Setting At Gate


—>> https://youtu.be/AUUupWMe7a8

I had a meltdown after American Airlines forgot the aisle chair when I landed in Charlotte. For almost 10 minutes, I watched the plane deboard. 20 minutes I watched the cleaning staff restock and clean, the flight crew change, and I waited. For 24 minutes I was the only passenger on the plane. When an aisle chair finally came only one person pushed me off the plane, letting it slam to the jet bridge from the plane. Then I look at my wheelchair and rather than setting it on all four wheels they threw it on its side.I have never felt more dehumanized by an airline in my life. This is the second American flight that has left me in tears this year.

I understand they use an outside party but to my understanding they were never informed. The airline staff didn’t seem to understanding. It did bring it to their attention that I was upset.



Jesi Stracham, NC