The good, the bad, and the ugly of air travel

I wanted share my experience with Alaska airlines this past week. In doing so, I hope it will encourage Alaska airlines to continue doing good work, as well as provide a precedent for other airlines to follow. When I got home from my Portland on Monday I noticed that both of the armrests on my chair were damaged. This was especially frustrating for me as I had just replaced them the week before. (They were damaged from my travels to DC) I called the airline and after waiting on hold for about 40 minutes to speak with someone, I took a chance and submitted a comment online to the airline. I used my work email. I wasn’t expecting much. In my 34 years of living, I have never had anything come of reporting wheelchair damage to airlines. And there has been more than a handful. 😊 However, I was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday. I received a phone call from Global Repair Group. They had received my claim. After talking with the representative and sending pictures of the damage via email they offered to have my wheelchair provider come out and assess the damage. It is now Friday. My wheelchair has been assessed by my provider and parts will be ordered. I made sure to profusely thank the representative that I’ve been working with. I also reiterated the fact that my wheelchair is an extension of my body. My legs so to speak. So when Alaska takes the time to handle claims like this, it really matters to myself and other people who use hardware. (Mobility devices) I really hope my experience becomes the rule. Not the exception. Otherwise I am REALLY going to have to invest in bubble wrap. Thanks!

Darah ,