William Bass transfering from his personal wheelchair to an aisle chair.William Bass

My Flight of the Year

On March 9, 2018, I was flying from Washington D.C. to Memphis. When checking in at Reagan National Airport, at the TSA, my bags went through the scanner about 15 min. before I was allowed to go through myself. During that time, my bags were sitting at the end of the line unattended, where my medical bag was removed without informing me or the TSA agent that was assisting me through the checking. When the agent couldn’t find my bag, I asked for the supervisor, after about 15 min. He found my medical bag in the office. My medical bag was removed from the line by the person monitoring the scanner because of an item that was in the bag. Once it was checked, I was allowed to continue on to my gate.

When arriving in Memphis, Tennessee, in the process of being removed from the aircraft, the personnel transferring me from the aisle chair to my wheelchair were talking amongst themselves. They removed my seat belts and turned away allowing me to fall on the floor. I was not injured and needed no medical care. After a brief report and discussion with the general manager, I continued on my way home.

William Bass, TN