Picture of airport style manual wheelchair.The airport wheelchair Dennis Hooper had to borrow when the airline lost his personal wheelchair.

Nothing Stays in Vegas

We took a Spirit Airlines flight from Denver to Portland, Oregon with a 2.5 hour layover in Las Vegas. However, my manual wheelchair was sent to Portland without me. I had to stay in a non-cushioned transport chair. I had to find someone to push me into the bathroom. The chair was uncomfortable and not easy to control. When we arrived in Portland, my wheelchair was not there. It took over an hour to submit a lost luggage claim. No wheelchair was provided to me. I was stuck at the airport until I borrowed an airport style wheelchair. We live over 250 miles from the airport. I did not get my wheelchair until 2 days when it arrives at our house at 4 am. My buttocks was injured from staying in those wheelchairs so long.

Dennis Hooper, OR