Wheelchairs in airport intended for passengers with disabilities at the ramp or airstairs

“You’re Milking Us to Pay for a New Wheelchair”

While seated in a waiting room at the United Airline terminal between flights, I was seated beside a fellow disabled traveler. I was simply waiting between connecting flights. 

The woman beside me was immobilized due to damage to her wheelchair after wheelchair in the cargo section of the plane.  I witnessed the United Airlines staff person telling her,

“You are trying to milk us to pay for you to get a new wheelchair.”

“Your chair was old and already in poor condition.”

I started crying. 

Prior to observing this situation, I had undergone being carried off the plane down a flight of stairs with strange men’s heads in my crotch because they couldn’t find the portable wheelchair ramp.  I thanked God that I live in New York and could not wait to get home.

Christine , NY